Our water filters for the home and office remove a host of contaminants, which can have a truly amazing effect on your health - not to mention, pure water just tastes better!


Every time you purchase a Waranu Water System, a direct part of the proceeds will be used to fund not-for-profit community projects that promote accessible pure drinking water for all.



At Waranu we are determined to fight for the elimination of plastic bottle waste. You will no longer need to buy plastic bottled water: our pure drinking water is perfect for refillable bottles.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Ultimate protection for you

All Waranu Water filter systems ship with a complete installation kit including all parts required to connect to your existing plumbing, keeping you countertop clear and instantly filtering any harmful bacteria & contaminants out of your drinking water.

  • Protection against fluoride, asbestos & aluminium
  • Eliminates chlorine
  • Removes giardia & cryptosporidium
  • Easy maintenance

  • Ceramic faucet included
  • Free delivery*
  • 30 Day risk free trial
  • 5 Year warranty
  • No electricity

Save money on water

The cost of plastic bottles adds up very quickly for both our wallet and the environment. Interestingly, the water in many plastic bottles is simply industrial filtered tap water. All Waranu Water filters skip the middle man by giving you exceptionally purified water while helping you reduce your environmental impact.

Click on the tabs to your right, to compare the average cost per glass (600ml) of filtered water for each of our water filtration systems.

If you or someone from home purchased only 1 bottle (600ml) per day for an entire year at an average cost of $2.50 you end up paying… $912.50 (90% of that is the actual cost of the plastic bottle)
Not only would you be reducing your environmental impact.. but you would make your money back in the 1st year if you were to substitute your plastic bottle consumption using a Proteus RO.

Water Purifier

Will Complement Any Kitchen

A top level system is not complete without quality supporting components. We wanted to provide a system that required ultra low maintenance to give complete reliability. In order to do this we hand picked each and every component for it’s absolute premium level of quality.

All our systems ship with a complete installation kit with all parts required to connect to your existing domestic or office plumbing. Our undersink water purifiers can be installed in around 30 minutes.

We understand that it’s important maintaining the look of your kitchen and keeping you countertop clear. All our undersink water purifiers come standard with the stylish, stainless steel ceramic water faucet.

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Your Purchase makes a difference

As a customer you are directly helping someone in need through your purchase. We donate a portion of every sale to help fund community water projects in developing nations.

Every time you enjoy your pure drinking water you are helping someone else do the same.

Find out more about Waranu community projects

Access To Safe And Clean Water

What people think of Waranu Water

Water Filter Review - Commercial
Professional customer service and a reliable partner helping our clients fit out their offices with water filters to provide their employees with safe drinking water.
Richard – Property Manager at Goodman
Water Filter Review - Real Estate
Installation was a breeze - filter is in, connected and working fine. Water tastes like never before! I would highly recommend any of the filters Waranu Water has to offer!
Andrew – Ray White Real Estate
Water Filter Review - Home Owner
I decided to finally buy a Proteus RO for my family. Realised in the end how much money I’d save from not buying plastic bottles for the entire household, let alone the environmental impact we’d have.
Fay Marie – Homeowner

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